5 Kitchen Trends for 2019

A long time ago, the kitchen was usually found at the back of the house. It was a place which had the reputation of being dirty and messy because meals were cooked, dirty utensils were washed, greasy walls, fumes, and steam everywhere. Well, you get the picture. As time progressed, so did the notion about the kitchen. The kitchen is the most important room in a house because it is the center of a whole family’s day-to-day livelihood.

Almost invariably, everyone starts their day in the kitchen with a nice cup of coffee or an energizing breakfast. It is the focal point of the home, the place that brings together everyone at the start of their day. One often prepares meals for their family in the kitchen and probably even eat together there itself. At this current age, the kitchen has fought its way back into the center of the house owing to the very same reasons. It stands for a place that exudes beauty and warmth, along with being practical and streamlined. Having a beautiful kitchen means investing in your family’s health and happiness. A functional and aesthetic kitchen always draws everyone together.

Kitchens have changed a lot over the years and having a plan at hand for remodelling your kitchen is very important. With the advent of technology and the ever-changing social dynamics, the modern kitchen has been shaped and re-shaped throughout the decades.

The key factor here is that the kitchen has to perfectly blend form and function. And the presence of technology will only add to that cause. The thing about furniture and décor is, we always want them to stand out. For at least a decade, the all-white kitchen has dominated all over households and internet art forums. The kitchen has now become something deeper than that, something that is more layered, inviting and personal. As has been the case with any modern design trend, minimalist and elegant styles have become favourites for homeowners with natural lighting becoming an important aspect of the overall look and function of the kitchen space.

Here are top 5 kitchen trends of 2019 which should be trending for years to come –

SMART KITCHENS – Technology has entered our kitchens, who could have imagined otherwise? And it’s not just restricted to fancy gadgets and appliances anymore. Today a kitchen can have technology integrated into every function and appliance, like, for example, starting from the faucets in the sink to the refrigerator and the lighting. This is what one would imagine as a smart kitchen. The best part of being older kitchens can be easily upgraded. Motion sensing faucets in the sink to detect hand proximity, fridges with alarms for low stock of items inside, integration of IOT into the lighting, the chimney, the microwave; allowing the control of the above through your smartphone.

DARK COLOURS – Plain white kitchens are boring and are certainly on their way out. Dark and vibrant colors are in. The mixing of finishes creates a much-needed accent with color popping out. Pop up shades of blue or green is pleasing to the eyes. In addition, neutral shades like black, navy, emerald and even plum are some color palettes that are making inroads.

HARDWARE – Smaller knobs, minimalistic subtle-edge hardware are making a comeback, which allows the cabinetry to stand out and shine. Touch operated stuff is replacing the handle based stuff. Brushed nickel has given way to black and polished copper when it comes to cabinet hardware. Warm and bold finishes too are an interesting choice. Linoleum countertops are making way for warm wood such as butcher block for a durable upgrade. It is virtually maintenance-free, and its natural material is a perfect neutral tone.

DÉCOR – With the departure of plain white cabinets, wood has become the top choice; light, natural stains of oak, walnut, and even maple. Stainless steel drawer boxes, interiors of fridges are a bold choice. Metal finishes like brushed brass and matte black continue to dominate that category this year. Some greenery is always pleasing to the eyes, hence, planted herbs and vertical gardens are the go-to options in that department.

FLOOR – Ceramics such as metro tiles are quite popular and will remain so, no doubt. Highly patterned tiles make for an active, busy look and feel. Some would favor even matte tiling for that easy, laidback, minimalist aura. Keep in mind though; rugs are never a good idea for the kitchen floor, so it’s best to just leave them on the drawing room floor.

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